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These carpets are hand picked by ourselves to give our customers not only the quality carpets that we’re famous for but also a quality price to match.
In the words of Mr Heginbotham ‘Not just cheap carpet, quality carpets cheap!’


As with many fabrics carpets look very different in different lights. So we offer a free sampling service with our roll stock if you see something you like give it a test run. Contact Us to order your free samples.

Whitstone weavers 80/20 wool woven Axminster £40m2 (RRP £65.00m2)

Whitestone weavers 80/20 wool woven axminster £33.00m2 (RRP £63.00m2) (limited stock)

Riviera 80/20 wool woven Axminster £40.00m2 (limited stock)

Ryalux william twist colour crumble 80/20 wool heavy domestic twist £18.99y2 (RRP £45.00y2)

Ryalux william twist colour liberty boddice 80/20 wool twist 18.99y2 (RRP 45.00y2)

Ryalux Natural twist 80/20 wool colour cream Truffle £18.99y2 (RRP 45.00y2)

Pownall carpets fenland berber elite 80/20 wool colour yarrow £18.99y2 (RRP 45.00y2)

Riverside 80/20 50 oz wool twist colour pewter £18.99y2

Riverside 80/20 50 0z wool twist colour steel £18.99y2

Pownall fenland berber 80/20 wool twist colour parsley £18.99y2 (RRP 45.00y2)

Pownall fenland loop 80/20 wool color vanilla slice £18.99y2 (RRP 45.00m2)

Pownall fenland textures 80/20 wool rustic canvas £18.99y2 (RRP 45.00m2)

Pownall fenland twist 80/20 wool Pale sand £18.99y2 (RRP 45.00m2)

Pownall comfort twist 80/20 wool colour walnut whip £18.99y2 (RRP 45.00m2)

Pownall fenland berber 80/20 wool colour bark £18.99y2 (RRP 45.00y2)

Ryalux william twist colour pearly queen 18.99y2 (RRP 45.00y2)

Rustic Life 80/20 wool twist colour Horsebrass £18.99y2 (RRP 44.00y2)

Ryalux trellis beige 80/20 wool twist £18.99y2

Ryalux custom cut and loop pile mix colour ivory £18.99y2

Ryalux 80/20 wool twist colour cotswold £18.99y2

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